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Just Imagine......a shift from I llness to WE llness


2nd World Day of Interconnectedness on 10 October 2010

Based on the wonderful experiences on and after 090909 and multiple encouragements to continue with the World Day of Interconnectedness initiative on 10 October 2010, we are thrilled to move with you to the next level of celebrating interconnectedness on 10 October 2010.


3rd World Day of Interconnectedness on 11 November 2011


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Please join the movement from I-llness to WE-llness here




BeTheChange Mini Symposium 090909




The organisation of the World Day of Interconnectedness on 090909, 101010, 111111 and 121212 started as a private grass roots initiative in December 2006. On 14 April 2010 the Interconnectedness Foundation has been established as a legal 'not for profit' entity with ANBI status (confirmed on 21 June 2010). The purpose of the Interconnectedness Foundation is to stimulate an environmentally sustainable, (spiritually) fulfilling and socially just human presence worldwide, mainly by increasing and connecting the awareness of interconnectedness. The World Days of Interconnectedness are events to achieve this.


When this initiative resonates with you we kindly invite you to become a sponsor and contribute in a way that best meets your possibilities and preference. Examples of support for which we are equally grateful:

  • contribute by devoting some of your time and passion like Human Treasures, Q-Search, O'Neil Consult
  • contribute by applying your expertise in a specific area like Kennedy van der Laan
  • contribute by offering to use your real estate/venue like Seats2meet, Beukenrode
  • contribute by activating your network for promotion like 4YearsGo
  • contribute financially by making a tax deductible donation
  • contribute by any desired combination of the above like I.K.-ID / Spiegel Seminars, Center for Servant Leadership & Coaching

For direct financial support, please make a banktransfer to:


          Bank account:

          Name & City: Interconnectedness Stichting (Foundation) Woerden, The Netherlands

          Bank: Triodos Bank, Zeist, The Netherlands

          IBAN code: NL45TRIO0390497754


Organisations may choose to have their logo with hyperlink published on this website.

Please contact us for more information. Tell a friend.


The World Day of Interconnectedness is supported/sponsored by:



Human Treasures






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Q-Search - Netwerkorganisatie voor werving en selectie, Outplacement, Interim Management en HRM




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I.K. Identity

Spiegel Seminars


Landgoed Beukenrode



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Center for Servant Leadership & Coaching








For 10+10+10 % discount use code 'INTERCONNECTED'










   Wholeness in Living, Exploring the Wonders of Inner Peace

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 Forest Returns, Het vermogen.... om de juiste balans te vinden


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Green Cross Nederland


Registreer voor Tip van de Dag


R.richard Voller Touched by Art




Let's make 10 10 10 a positive day humanity will always remember.


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