World Day of Interconnectedness

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Just Imagine......a shift from I llness to WE llness


2nd World Day of Interconnectedness on 10 October 2010

Based on the wonderful experiences on and after 090909 and multiple encouragements to continue with the World Day of Interconnectedness initiative on 10 October 2010, we are thrilled to move with you to the next level of celebrating interconnectedness on 10 October 2010.


3rd World Day of Interconnectedness on 11 November 2011


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The financial crisis manifesting worldwide is considered by many specialists as a wake up call. It brings back the consciousness that the worldwide financial crises shows that banks are not separate, clients are not separate, investors are not separate, governments are not separate, borrowers are not separate, lenders are not separate, CEO's are not separate, subprime borrowers are not separate. We are all in it together, we are all connected. On one level greed and lack of control are identified as the key causes for this crisis. The root cause however is a sense of separateness or insufficient sense of interconnectedness. The financial crisis can be seen as an invitation to wake up and reflect on mental models and underlying assumptions. View video 'Opportunity within the economic crisis' by Lynn Twist.


This causal loop diagram visualises the short term and longer term dynamics.


In 'normal' language it means that a higher sense of separateness leads to more focus on personal gain which leads to more decisions and actions at the expense of others (subprime mortgages) which increase the likelihood of a financial crisis. At this point the short term reaction is more control which leads to less decisions and actions at the expense of others and less likelihood for a financial crisis. The financial crisis is also an invitation to wake up. More waking up leads to more willingness to investigate mental models and assumptions which leads to more consciousness of the root cause and its unintended side-effects (crises). This leads to a higher sense of interconnectedness resulting in a lower sense of separateness, a lower focus on personal gain, less decisions and actions at the expense of others and less likelihood for financial crises. In addition a higher sense of interconnectedness leads to more decisions and actions that are good for the whole. This leads, with a delay, to an ecologically sustainable, socially just and spiritually fulfilling human presence further increasing the sense of interconnectedness.


More control does not solve the root cause. More awareness about everything and everyone being connected results in more sustainable behaviour.


root cause of financial crisis



Let's make 10 10 10 a positive day humanity will always remember.


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