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Just Imagine......a shift from I llness to WE llness


2nd World Day of Interconnectedness on 10 October 2010

Based on the wonderful experiences on and after 090909 and multiple encouragements to continue with the World Day of Interconnectedness initiative on 10 October 2010, we are thrilled to move with you to the next level of celebrating interconnectedness on 10 October 2010.


3rd World Day of Interconnectedness on 11 November 2011


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For more information about this initiative and how you can contribute please contact


Interconnectedness Foundation / World Day of Interconnectedness

att. Leo Sonneveld

Haagwindeveld 25

3448 EL Woerden, Netherlands

Mail to Leo Sonneveld

Please add your 101010 interconnectedness event and we will publish an abstract on this website.


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See video interview with Leo Sonneveld



silhouette 706-4


The Core Team for 10.10.10:


Yael van Assendelft

Marjolein Hins

Michael Jacobs

Nanke Lavrijsen

Barbara Meerhove

Leo Sonneveld

Karin Sorbi           

Jacqueline Verduyn

Marc Wervelman

Rob Westerhuis

Esther van der Zee


Interconnectedness Foundation board and ambassadors




Let's make 10 10 10 a positive day humanity will always remember.


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